“Insightful reads like this should be on bookshelves more often.”

—Penney B. Comes (Arlington, Virginia)

“The book certainly doesn’t fall short on wisdom.”

—Janice D. Alvarez (New York, New York)

“This book was an enjoyable read. The photos were a nice touch too!”

—Maria J. Harris (San Luis Obispo, California)

About the Book

From Brooklyn to Brookline is author Sidney Krimsky’s memoir. Packed with eight decades worth of insights, the book has stories and photographs from the author’s background, childhood, and the challenges he has faced throughout the years.

About the Author

Sidney Krimsky was born in Brooklyn. He has fifty-three years of experience working in high tech under his belt. He and his family currently reside in West Hempstead, New York.


“I hope this window explains this to my children and grandchildren. The world has changed so many times since then, and I hope this document opens a larger window to history during eight decades and the small part I played working for the military industrial complex and private industry.”

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